Theses/Dissertations/Projects from 2019

Finding Myself, Kendra K. Wilson

Analysis of Michael Wiskow: An Exploration of Self-Awareness, Michael D. Wiskow


Dual Theory Approach to Working with BPD, Alecsis Zimmer

Theses/Dissertations/Projects from 2018

Providing an Online Orientation Program for New Students, Nicole Askew

A Battle with Myself: A Self Analysis, Alexander James Brost

An Emotion Regulation Group Manual for Adolescent Males, Sarah Connell

Support, Education, & Connections for Parents of LGBTQ+ Children, Taylor Ferderer


School Counselors’ Role in Providing Advocacy and Support to Homeless Students in Rural Communities, Jessica Gilsrud

Juvenile Delinquency and Trauma: The Missing Link in Rehabilitation, Emily Gobernatz


The Important Role of the Faculty Advisor in Credit-Bearing Internship Opportunities, Allison Goossens

College and Career Exploration Group Manual, Kimberly Gunderson

Wide Open Spaces: Rural Counseling Competency in Counselor Education Programs, Jenna Halvorson

Mental Health Awareness for College Athletics, Andrea Hanson

Pre-Orientation Program for First-Generation Students, Holly Hoeschen


Understanding Myself as a Counselor & Individual, Jacob Johnson

Moving to the Middle School: A Comprehensive Curriculum for Students Transitioning from Elementary to Middle School, Rebecca Johnson

Suicide Prevention Program for School Employees, Jenna Kamholz


Social Media's Impact on Relationships, Taylor Koberinski

An Integration of Trauma-Informed Schools and Social Emotional Curriculum, Brooke Kupcho

My Personal and Professional Journey, Vian A. Mustafa

From Mistrust to Unconditional Positive Regard: An Analysis of Self, Amy Neuheisel

A Support Group for Adults with Children Suffering from Pediatric Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder, Nicole Ogan

Worry Warriors: A School-Based Counseling Small Group for Elementary-Aged Students with Anxiety, Emily Ojanen

Life with Max: A Self-Analysis, Max Pajari

Analysis of Self, Katrina Pink


Mind-Body Approach to Treating Developmental Trauma in Adolescents: A Group Therapy Manual for Residential Treatment Facilities, Kayla Prosser

Plan B: The Analysis of Self, Matt Rask


Creating an Adult Learner Entry Achievement Program, Gloria Riopelle


Eating Disorder Curriculum: In-Service for Elementary Teachers, Troy Roness

A Critical Media Analysis of Autism Spectrum Disorder: An Examination of Symptom Presentation on Sesame Street, Kaitlyn Suppa

A Student Affairs Professional's Road to Campus: An Analysis of Self, Emily Tiefenthaler

Better Together; A Guide to a School-Based Peer Mentoring Program, Elizabeth Underwood

Existential Reality? An Analysis of Self from an Existential & Reality Therapy Theoretical Orientation, James Weinzirl


Dragon Ambassador Manual: A Guide for Dragon Ambassadors and Supervisors, Jamie Wepking

Plan B: Self-Analysis; A Reflection of my Personal Experiences, Elizabeth Wiczorek

Analysis of Self, Katelyn Christine Wold-Clough


Analysis of Self, Nathan Wood