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Theses/Dissertations/Projects from 2020

Financial Analysis and Valuation Report for the Company of Johnson Outdoors Inc., Maren Soupir

Measuring the Effects of Self Assessment and Reflection in the Middle School Math Classroom, Miranda Steer


ANI Pharmaceuticals, Inc: A Financial Analysis and Valuation Report, Julia Stenberg

Use of a Visual Schedule to Decrease Work Completion Time During COVID-19 Distance Learning, Ellen Stevenson

The Impact of Self-Management Skills in Elementary Classrooms, Kailee Strand


Otter Tail Corporation, Heather Strese

Consideration Tools Impact on Special Education Professionals Confidence in IEP Team Assistive Technology Determinations., Mathias Sturtz


The Impact Positive Verbal Praise has on Violent Behaviors among Students in a Federal Setting IV Special Education Placement, Chad Tauer


The Effects of Multiple Accommodations on Student Engagement and Work Completion in Fifth Grade Students with Reading Disabilities, Allison Ternes


Child Sexual Abuse Prevention Group, Brooklyn Kennedy Thompson

Measuring the Efficacy of Math Homework: How Effective Is It?, Emma Wabbe

Launching a Parent Support Group for Children with Disabilities, Melissa A. Washnesky


The Effectiveness of Token Economy Interventions on High School Students with Emotional/Behavioral Disorders, Jordan R. Welle


Mathematical Discourse: Impacts on Seventh Grade Student Learning and Feelings About Mathematics, Courtney Weston


Post Traumatic Stress Disorder: Healing Mindfully, Taylor Kay West

Social Skills Instruction in Preschool Settings, Megan Whelchel


The Long and Winding Road: The Life Experiences and Resiliency to Become a Clinical Mental Health Counselor, Jenessa Whitmore

Developing Self-Regulation Strategies for Elementary Aged Learners, Melissa Williams

Modifying the Curriculum for Students with Disabilities, Whitney Windschitl and Whitney Windschitl

An Analysis of the Second Step Early Learning Program, Kelly Wuollet

Self-Control Training Using an iPad with a Third Grade Student, Alyssa Yorek

Professional Guide to Restorative Practice, Hannah Zurn

Theses/Dissertations/Projects from 2019

Anxiety: A School-Based Counseling Group for Adolescent Students, Angel Aakre

Student Involvement in Formative Assessment, Benjamin Aastuen


Effectiveness of Sight Word and Repeated Reading Interventions in the Primary Classroom, Jordan Ackerman

The Effect of Teaching Goals and Scales to Enhance Writing Achievement in Kindergarten, Jessica Adamski

The Effects of Instruction (Direct Instruction Flashcard Procedure and Letter Writing) on Letter Name Fluency in Preschool Children, Sara Affield and Michelle Hanson


Financial Analysis and Valuation of Hawkins Inc., Samantha Alvarado

Teaching Multiplication Facts Through Choice and Games, Danielle Andvik

The Effects of Writing Instruction on Reading Accuracy and Comprehension, Emily Rebecca Ascheman

The Impact of Inclusion on the Attitudes Towards School of Students with Disabilities, Shelby Bachmeier

Overcoming Adversity: My Journey of Personal Exploration and Professional Growth, Laura Melinda Jean Baker


Financial Analysis and Valuation of Christopher and Banks Corp.,, Mona Barhouma

The Inclusive Environment and its Effects on All Learners, Jamie Bartz

Helping Yourself to Help Others, Janet Bechtold


Exploring the Experiences of Communication Partners of People with Parkinson's Disease: A Qualitative Study, Jacqueline Bell

The Effects of Daily Fluency Practice in Primary Settings, Kylie Bengtson and Melissa S. Fritchman


Understanding the Effects of Childhood Trauma: Strategies for educators, Trista Bentler

The Impact of Intentionally Teaching Cooperative Learning, Tucker Bergmann, Reed Hefta, Christina Hein, and Mark Whiting


Anxiety and Behavior: Brief Cognitive Behavioral Therapy in School With a Ten-Year-Old Boy Using the Coping Cat Program, Sarah Bernhardt

The Effects of Parent/Guardian Engagement on Student Success in Middle School, Katelyn A. Biggar and Zachary J. Biggar


Valuation of ANI Pharmaceuticals, Inc., Carmen Borgen

Using Total Physical Response Approach and Enhanced Vocabulary Instruction to Impact Vocabulary Retention, Elissa Braaten, Cara Herzog, Ingrid Johnson, Annette Rice, Rachel Shane, and McKinzie Tangen


English Learner Advancement in AVMR Structuring, Kristina Bradley


Financial Analysis: Sleep Number Corporation, Trevor Brandner

Self-Regulation Skills Instruction: The Role of Self-Regulation in Behavior of Children, Heather Brasel

Effects of Social Emotional Learning, Grace Brennan

Reflections of Growth as a Counselor Trainee, Rachelle Brown



Analysis of Self, Cassi Buchite

Vocabulary and Word Acquisition Through Cooperative Learning, Cody Burington

Effects of Project-based Learning on Collaborative Skills in Elementary-Aged Children, Sarah Cegla-Reed

Exploring Effective Classroom Management Techniques in a 1:1 Classroom Setting, Paige Cermak


A Play Based Intervention to Develop Literacy: Using Foundations for Literacy to Help Students with a Developmental Delay Learn to Read, Brittany Coalwell Escobedo


The Journey of a Teacher: Adjusting to a New and Larger School District, Lauren Conroy

Incremental Rehearsal for Spelling: A Spelling Retention Intervention With a Fourth Grade Student, Dylan James Curto

The Impact of Increased Classwork, Reduced Homework, and Shortened Lectures on Student Engagement, Thomas DeBoer and Bradley Haugen


Flipping the Focus: Flipped Learning in a Geometry Classroom, Christina Dittus


Motivation in Male Adolescent Readers, Rachel Dockter


Financial Analysis and Valuation of Duluth Holdings, Inc., Joshua Drewlow


Factors Related to the Selection of a Service Delivery Model: A Survey of School Speech-Language Pathologists, Meredith Ann Egeland

The Impact of Inclusion Within the Secondary Career and Technical Educational Classroom, Cynthia Evenson


Guided Reading Framework Needs for ELL Students at the Emergent, Early and Transitional Levels, Elizabeth Evenstad

Effects of Guided Reading on Phonics Skills, Anna Elizabeth Fick

Measuring Effectiveness of Using Fountas & Pinnell Word Study Components: Word Sorts, Manipulatives, Word Maps and Explicit Instruction to Build Vocabulary, Kelsey L. Fode, Tyler J. Fode, Susan L. Jordan, and Nicole A. Shepler

Increasing Basic Math Fact Fluency Using Flashcard Drills with a Second Grade Student, Peyton Gale

Plan B Analysis of Self, Desirae Ganje


Financial Analysis and Valuation of ANI Pharmaceticals, Inc., olaoluwa gbolahan

The Effects of Critique and Feedback on the Quality of Artwork, Kassandra Gibbons

Financial Valuation and Analysis of Deluxe Corporation, Sara Gilbertson

Running Through Chaos to Find Myself: A Self Analysis Presented to The Graduate Faculty of Minnesota State University Moorhead, Gayle Gordon


Training for Secondary Educators to Decrease School Violence, Katie Grosz

Effects of Reading Mastery on Teaching Comprehension Skills to a Student with a Specific Learning Disability, Alyssa Gutzmer

The Impact of Cross-Age Tutoring on Letter Name Identification for Kindergarteners, Nicole Michelle Halbur

Word Study Instruction to Improve Spelling Accuracy, Chelsa Haney


Financial Analysis & Valuation of The Buckle, Inc., Danielle Hanneman

Executive Functioning Skills and Their Effect on Knowledge Acquisition in Kindergarten, Jessica Hansen


Developing a Curriculum for TEFL 107: American Childhood Classics, Kendra Hansen


Self-Monitoring Interventions for Elementary Students With Emotional/Behavioral Disorders and the Effects on Improving On-Task Behavior, Lauren Hayes


Military Deployment- A Counseling Group for Children, Rosa Hayes


Power of Choice: Empowerment through Reading, Sarah Heise

The Impact of Mindfulness Procedures to Increase On-task Behaviors in High School Students, Peter Hendricks


Measuring the Application and Transfer of “Contrast and Contradictions” Comprehension Strategy, Amanda Henningsen, Michelle Fjeld, and Lisa Kangas


Placement Testing Instruments for Modality Streams in an English Language Program, Aimee Hilgers


Digital versus paper: Comparing the effectiveness of paper and digital resources in parent follow-through in Early Intervention home visiting, Suzanna Holper

The Impact of Extracurricular Activities on Middle School Student’s Academic Achievement and Attendance, Abby Holten

The Effect of Brain Breaks on Math Anxiety, Jedidiah Johnson

Curriculum Matters: Math Curriculum Review for Elementary, Jessica Kasprick

Use of the Social Explorers Curriculum with Four Kindergarten Students Who Have Social Skills Deficits, Adam Kessler

Goal Setting and Self-Assessment in the Elementary Music Classroom, Erin Kiefert

The Effects of Personalized Learning on Engagement and Academic Achievement in the Reading Standard of Phonemic Awareness, Stephanie Kotta


The Effect of the Second Step Curriculum on the Social-Emotional Development of Second Grade Students, Amy Kremer


Financial Analysis and Valuation of Regis Corporation., Joshua Lammers

Improving Number Word Sequencing in Kindergarten, Katie Marie Langer

Executive Function in Students with and Without Disabilities, Kristin Lee

How Does Video Modeling Affect Functional Skills Acquisition in a Preschool Setting?, Heidi Lindahl

Exploring Emotional, Physical, and Cultural Engagement Strategies within a Block Schedule, Samantha Link, Mary F. Kvebak, and Aaron E. Swenson


Financial analysis and valuation of Vista Outdoor, Inc, Cyrille Litche

The Effect of Repeated Readings on Oral Fluency, Prosody, and Comprehension in a First-Grade Classroom, Alyssa Macy


The Effect of Gearing Up For Kindergarten on the Development of Letter Recognition In a group of Kindergarten Students, Heather Mark