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Theses/Dissertations/Projects from 2020

The Effects of Self-Regulation Interventions on Math Students, Michael Erickson


The Perceptions about ASD’s Rising Rates: A Comparison between the General Public and ASD Professionals., Anna Ernst


The Investigation of the Effectiveness of the Application Super Why in Preschool Literacy Skills, LeeAnna Fabin


Heartland Express, Inc. A Financial Analysis and Valuation Report, Daniel Franco

Effects of AVID Focused Note-Taking Instruction: Improving Learning and Academic Language Retention for English Learners in the General Education Science Classroom, Sarah Fredricks

TF-CBT-A Counseling Group for Adolescents with PTSD, Kristen Ganske


Factors that Influence the Success in Higher Education for Students with Autism, Elizabeth O. Gardner

Virtual Classroom: Orthopedic Impairment Resources and Services, Samara Garrison


The Journey: A Counseling Group for Adolescents with Bipolar Disorder, Carlee Gebeke

Helping Parents Navigate Early Childhood Special Education, Marissa Ann Geist


Collaboration in Early Childhood Special Education: School, Staff, and Parents Becoming One Team, Elizabeth George

Increasing Homework Motivation with Choice in a High School Mathematics Classroom, Danielle Girard


Interprofessional Education (IPE) and Interprofessional Education Collaborative (IPEC) Competencies of Clinical and Healthcare Administration Undergraduate Students, Shelly Gompf

Special Education Tools for Individuals With Cerebral Palsy, Shalom Grandy


Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports in an Early Education Center, Karisa Gratton


The impact of a SmartLab implementation on rural schools in North Dakota, Tonya M. Greywind

Focused Note-Taking Instruction: Impact on Reading Comprehension for Fourth-Grade Students, Kristina Grossinger


Motivation and Engagement in the Choral Classroom: Does Repertoire Make a Difference?, Katy Haltvick

Advantage Mathematics Recovery (AVMR): Building Foundational Skills for Upper Elementary Students using Small Group Interventions, Allison Hanson


Using Teach Me to Talk Interventions to Improve Language in Children Birth- Three Years Old, Hannah Hendry


Inclusion in the Classroom: Addressing Antecedents of Challenging Behaviors, Justin Heskett


Trauma-Informed Practices: Mitigating the Effects of Trauma and ACEs During Childhood, Shaina Hess

Kindergarten Games to Support Words to Know Retention, Ryan Heyer

The Impact of the Four-Component Lesson on Student Retention and Transfer of Reading Strategies in a Fourth Grade Classroom, Shannon Hogan



A Blended Math Classroom with Covid-19 Interruption, Jessica Illg

Growing Parents, Growing Children: Newsletters for Read Aloud Tips & Activities in Early Childhood, Diane Jacobsen and Angela Klingfus

The Impact of Social and Emotional Learning: Implementing Second Steps © In a Kindergarten Classroom, Chelsea Jaeger

Financial Aid Curriculum for Post-Secondary Education Planning, Jeana Janzen

Comparing Traditional and Electronic Vocabulary Instruction in a Seventh Grade Classroom, Brooke Johnson

Examining the Effect of Cornell Note-Taking Strategies on Student Comprehension in 10th Grade Dual-Enrollment College Biology, Nancy Johnson

Increased Prompting: Special Education Students and Independent Usage of Assistive Technology, Emily Jones


The Beehive: A Counseling Group for Children Who Have Endured Out of Home Placement, Britni Joubert

A Handbook of Evidence-Based Practices for Inclusion of Students with Emotional and Behavioral Disorders, Garth Kirkham

Growing Parents, Growing Children: Newsletters for Read Aloud Tips & Activities in Early Childhood Tips & Activities in Early, Angela Klingfus and Diane Jacobsen

Spectrum of Light: An Online Support Group for Families of Children with Autism Support Group Families, Sadie R. Kluver

Analysis of the Effects of Learning Maps: Student Learning of Fraction Computations in 5th and 6th Grade Math Intervention, Chad Koep

Plan B Project: Analysis of Self, Rachel Kranda


The Theory of Dispositions in Filmmaking and Leadership, Kyja Kristjansson-Nelson


The Effects of Collaboration between a Physical and Health Disabilities Teacher and a General Education Teacher On Students with Disabilities During a Pandemic and Remote Learning, Amber Kurten


Otter Tail Corporation: A Financial Analysis and Valuation Report, Courtney Lachowitzer


Financial Analysis and Valuation of H.B. Fuller Company, Kevin Laluyan

Engagement, Attitude, and Comprehension: A Reflection on Conversations about Books as a Reading Comprehension Intervention in 9th Grade Students, Sarah Larsen

Flipped Instructional Model and Cognitive Student Engagement in Math Class, Chad Larson


Uncertainty in Academia: A Mixed Methods Study Identifying How Value Statements on Plagiarism Correlate with Plagiarism Reporting Behaviors of Undergraduate Faculty in a Distance Education Program, Laurie Kay Larson


Full-Service Community School Intervention: Case Study of Somali Parent-School Engagement Within a Rural Midwestern School District, Anne Leland

Utilizing the Emwave to Teach Self-Regulation Skills to K-2 Students with Disabilities, Elizabeth Lempola

Positive Behavior Supports and Culturally Responsive Practices, Camille Lepp

A Comparison of Screening Tools Resulting in Referrals: Ages and Stages Questionnaire and Battelle Screener, Becky Levenhagen

Preparing Students for Rich Mathematical Tasks: An Analysis of Middle Level Students and the Impact of Problem-Solving Strategies and Growth Mindset Qualities, Tanner Lilienthal

Number Sense Intervention: The Impact on Low-Achieving Primary Grade Students vs. COVID-19, Randi Lindemann


Student Success in Virtual Versus In-Person Learning During a Direct Instruction Math Intervention Course, Christina Lindmeier


Using Mindfulness Techniques in Elementary Schools: Training for Staff, Mariah Linnell

Anxiety in Young Children: Resources for Parents and Educators, Danielle Lucia

The Impact of One-on-One Conferring on Students' Intrinsic Motivation for Independent Reading, Carrie Ludwig


A Longitudinal Fiscal Analysis of the K-12 Minnesota Funding Formula From the Fiscal Years 2012 and 2018, Brandon Lunak


Exclusionary Discipline Disparities: A Case Study, Isaac Lundberg


Perceived Adult Social Support During Adolescence and Well-Being Among LGBTQ-Identified Young Adults, Adrienne MacDonald

A Systematic Review of Graduate Student Wellness, Courtney Mallinger


Hoarding: Beyond the Mess, A Training for Mental Health Professionals, Kelsi McClaflin


Formative Assessment & the Connections to Student Learning in Beginning Drawing, Craig Mickelson

The Impact of Guided Reading Instruction on Second Grade Students’ Reading Levels, Brenda Moors

The Effects of Video Lectures On Student Performance, Amanda Murphy


Helix Energy Solutions Group, Inc. - A Financial Statement Analysis and Valuation Report, Hannah Nelson


A Study on Early Intervention Referrals and Eligibility of Prenatal Drug-Exposed Children, Holly Nelson

The Impact of Reading to a Therapy Dog in a Special Education Classroom, Hannah Oakes


Summer Literacy Academy: Evaluating the Impact of Supports, Book Choice, Incentives, and a Focused, Literacy-Based Summer Learning Program on Reading Outcomes for Rural, Middle School Students, Kathrina OConnell

Differentiated Homework Menus and Student Achievement in Math Fluency, Angela Ogilvie

Using SMART Goals in the 8th Grade Health Classroom to Increase Student Success in School, McKenzie Oistad


The Importance of Social Skills Instruction for Students With a High Number of Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs), Alexis Olerud

Reading Motivation and Engagement: Effects on Second Grade Students’ Reading Fluency and Comprehension During Guided Reading and Literacy Centers, Alexa Olson


LSVT or SPEAK OUT!®: Clinical Decisions when Treating Clients with Parkinson's Disease, Amanda Olson


Teaching During the 2020 Global Pandemic, Covid-19: An Autoethnography, Carin Omonuwa

Express, Inc: A Financial Analysis and Valuation, Rana Opsahl


School Attendance Affects Student Outcomes: Resources to Impact Attendance, Nicole Ann Page

The Impact of Retrieval Practice on Student Achievement in a Middle School Science Classroom, Rob Perala


The Impact of the Flipped Classroom Model: A Study of 5th Grade Students, Kyle Petermeier

The Positive Impact that Therapy Animals have on Social Emotional Behavior and Academic Success among Middle School Students in Special Education, Baylie Peterson

Effects of Oral Assessments on Engagement and Academic Achievement in an Algebra I Intervention Class, Marnie Peterson

Using Visual Schedules during Developmental/Adaptive Physical Education (DAPE) Sessions; Analyzing On-Task Behaviors, Amanda Pickett

Exploring views from parents and students: Why do most high school students struggle to complete math assignments in a timely manner?, Krishna Pokhrel


School Violence Threat Assessment: Professional Development Training for K-12 Educators, Christopher J. Potter

Utilization of Higher-Order Questioning to Improve Student Reading Comprehension in Sixth Grade, Stephanie Pulver

Plan B-Analysis of Self: Journey of My Life, Cianna Rabbithead


Why Students Seek Help, Blake Rasmussen


Factors Influencing Choice of Communication Sciences and Disorders Major for Students Who Are Culturally and Linguistically Diverse, Joanna Reinders


Understanding Personal Growth and Development: An Analysis of Self, Jordyn Roggenkamp

High Leverage Practices in Early Childhood Special Education, Katie Rommesmo

How Self-Monitoring With Technology Impacts Work Completion Rates for High School Students, Alison Rose

Shared Reading in a Child Welfare Program: Impact on Parenting Skills and Literacy Development in At-Risk Preschool Children, Julie Rousu

Transition Planning in Rural Schools, Emily Ruml

The Effects of Extrinsic Motivation on DreamBox Lesson Completion A Project Presented to Graduate Faculty of Minnesota State University Moorhead, Alex Sandahl


Digital Citizenship: A Training for Plugged-in Parents, Allie Marie Sannes

Motivation and Achievement: Measuring the Effect of Student Choice Boards in the Flipped Classroom, Susan Schaub

Big Lots Valuation, Tyler Schill

Measuring the Effectiveness that Ongoing and Consistent Collaboration Between a Special Education and General Education Teacher has on the Achievement of Two First Grade Students Receiving Special Education Services, Sarah Schoeder

Abercrombie & Fitch Co. A Financial Analysis and Valuation Report, Kathryn Sistrunk


Cellphone Management: A Curriculum for Middle School Students, Devonie Smith

Visualize and Verbalize Effect on First Grade Writing Quality and Conventions, Amanda Snyder

H. B. Fuller Company's Financial Analysis and Valuation Report Period: (2016 - 2019), Minara Sooriyaarachchi