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Theses/Dissertations/Projects from 2019

Word Study Instruction to Improve Spelling Accuracy, Chelsa Haney


Financial Analysis & Valuation of The Buckle, Inc., Danielle Hanneman

Executive Functioning Skills and Their Effect on Knowledge Acquisition in Kindergarten, Jessica Hansen


Developing a Curriculum for TEFL 107: American Childhood Classics, Kendra Hansen


Self-Monitoring Interventions for Elementary Students With Emotional/Behavioral Disorders and the Effects on Improving On-Task Behavior, Lauren Hayes


Military Deployment- A Counseling Group for Children, Rosa Hayes


Power of Choice: Empowerment through Reading, Sarah Heise

The Impact of Mindfulness Procedures to Increase On-task Behaviors in High School Students, Peter Hendricks

Measuring the Application and Transfer of “Contrast and Contradictions” Comprehension Strategy, Amanda Henningsen, Michelle Fjeld, and Lisa Kangas


Placement Testing Instruments for Modality Streams in an English Language Program, Aimee Hilgers


Digital versus paper: Comparing the effectiveness of paper and digital resources in parent follow-through in Early Intervention home visiting, Suzanna Holper

The Impact of Extracurricular Activities on Middle School Student’s Academic Achievement and Attendance, Abby Holten

The Effect of Brain Breaks on Math Anxiety, Jedidiah Johnson

Curriculum Matters: Math Curriculum Review for Elementary, Jessica Kasprick

Use of the Social Explorers Curriculum with Four Kindergarten Students Who Have Social Skills Deficits, Adam Kessler

Goal Setting and Self-Assessment in the Elementary Music Classroom, Erin Kiefert

The Effects of Personalized Learning on Engagement and Academic Achievement in the Reading Standard of Phonemic Awareness, Stephanie Kotta


The Effect of the Second Step Curriculum on the Social-Emotional Development of Second Grade Students, Amy Kremer


Financial Analysis and Valuation of Regis Corporation., Joshua Lammers

Improving Number Word Sequencing in Kindergarten, Katie Marie Langer

Executive Function in Students with and Without Disabilities, Kristin Lee

How Does Video Modeling Affect Functional Skills Acquisition in a Preschool Setting?, Heidi Lindahl

Exploring Emotional, Physical, and Cultural Engagement Strategies within a Block Schedule, Samantha Link, Mary F. Kvebak, and Aaron E. Swenson


Financial analysis and valuation of Vista Outdoor, Inc, Cyrille Litche

The Effect of Repeated Readings on Oral Fluency, Prosody, and Comprehension in a First-Grade Classroom, Alyssa Macy


The Effect of Gearing Up For Kindergarten on the Development of Letter Recognition In a group of Kindergarten Students, Heather Mark

Parent Perception on 2nd Grade Math Homework, Ashley Marquart

Math to Mastery: Promoting Math Fact Fluency in a Child with ADHD, Sarah Mattison


A Brief Bystander Training Program: Promoting a Positive School Climate, Matt Meyer


The Experience of Counseling Interns and Their Perceived Preparedness of Multicultural Counseling: A Phenomenological Study, Bianca Maria Milz


Comstock House Tour Script Adaptation for Non-native Speakers of English, Aura Lee Mohror

The Implementation and Effects of Sign Language in the Households Of Children Ages Birth to Three Years That Struggle With Communication, Maranda Michelle Nelson


The Correlation Between Classroom Engagement Strategies and Student Behavior, Abby Neppl

The effect of PECS on Children with Social-Emotional Delays Being Able to Self-Identify their Emotions in a Preschool Setting, Amy Nielson and Brandon Otway

The Effect of Differentiated, Guided Math Instruction on Student Achievement and Student Engagement, Kari Norton

The Use of Self-Monitoring Strategies to Improve Success in Inclusive Settings, Tanner Oakes

Using the Zones of Regulation with A Kindergartener and Fourth Grader, Ariel Ostrander

Impact of Intervention on Learning Blends and Diagraphs, Rebecca Panka


A Survey of Teacher Attitude Regarding Self-Awareness and Inclusive Education of Special Education Students, Brooke Parvi


Effects of Yoga on Student Attention in Pre-K, Amanda Paulson

The Impact of Partner Reading and Conferring on Second Grade Students, Amy Pederson

The Effects of Movement on Reading Achievement, Shae Pepera

Rethinking Weekly Spelling Tests, Ashley Peterson

Homework Interventions and Academic Performance: Possible Effects on Assessment Performance Due to Homework Interventions, Ryan Peyton


Using Phonics to Increase Reading Comprehension in English Language Learners, Lindsay Piekutowski

School Achievement Amongst Special Education Students Participating in the REACH Program, Kelli Rath

Cognitive Engagement in the Use of Print and Digital Texts in the Classroom, Andrea L. Ray and Brianna M. Hedges

The Effects of Mindfulness-Based Programming on Social-Emotional Learning, Evan Reller


Apogee Enterprises, Inc.: Valuation and Investment Decision, Dustin S. Rietsema

The Use of the Second Step Curriculum to Teach Resiliency: A Comparative Study of Two Midwestern Classrooms, Jessica Saba and Chelsey Hendrickx

The Effects of Growth Mindset on Student Adaptability, KayLee Saga-Krebs and Jacob J. Krebs

Using Direct Behavior Ratings with At-Risk Middle School Students to Improve Respectful Behavior, Jaclyn Salisbury

Students’ Ability to Identify Emotions Using Social Emotional Learning Strategies, Julia Sammon, Heather Markuson, and Alison Reinke


Speech-Language Pathologists’ Perspectives on Preparedness for Interprofessional Collaborative Practice in School Settings, Rachel Sawatzky

The Effect of Extended Day Services on Student Reading Achievement, Kirby Sayles


Stress Management: A Group Curriculum for Female Adolescents, Taylor Schaible


Delivery of Academic Vocabulary in Third Grade Mathematics Instruction, Robyn D. Schramm

The Effect of Self-Monitoring Instruction on the Behavior of Secondary Students with ADHD, Alexis Seiffert


Financial Analysis and Valuation of Daktronics Inc., Rakshya Shrestha

Check-In/Check-Out: Improving Behavior of a Second Grade Student, Susan Sickler

The Impact of Readers’ Theater on Reading Fluency and Prosody on First Grade Students, Abbie Skauge

Effects of Prompting on Skill Acquisition, Generalization, and Independence for Young Students with Autism, Amanda J. Snyder


An Effective Point and Level System for a Self-Contained Emotional Behavior Disorders Program to Decrease Challenging Behaviors, Serena Sorensen

Finding the Middle Path: Following My Natural Road, Cody Spears


Providing a Platform: An Examination of How Teachers Utilize and Practice Culturally Responsive Pedagogy, Hannah Storm


Effect of Repeated Readings and Positive Praise on Reading Comprehension, Lisa Stroeing

Improving Oral Reading Fluency Using Reading Interventions and Self-Graphing with Three Fifth-Graders, Claire Elizabeth Studt


The Impact of Guided Reading Instruction on First Graders Performing Below Grade Level in Reading, Lydia Suckow

Increasing Students’ Homework Completion by Implementing Planners in the Classroom, Amanda Swenson


Financial Analysis on Macy's, Inc., Emma Swenson

Effectiveness of Communication Using Standards Based Report Cards Versus Traditional Report Cards, Lisa Talberg

The Impact of Repeated Reading on Oral Reading Fluency Scores In Elementary Students with Learning Disabilities, Morgan Taus


Touchstones of Popular Culture Among Contemporary College Students in the United States, Margaret Thoemke

The Effect of Deep Breathing and Visualization on Negative Classroom Behaviors., Shea Thorwaldsen

Systematic and Direct Instruction on Alphabetic Principle and Phonemic Awareness : Improving Letter Naming Fluency and Letter Sound Acquisition for Students with Learning Disabilities, Callie Tinsley

Incorporating Systematic Whole Word Instruction (Edmark) into a Phonics Based Middle School Reading Instruction for Students with Cognitive Disabilities, Anna Travaglione


Financial Analysis of Otter Tail Corporation, Shawn Tykwinski

Impact of Group Arrangement on Academic Performance in Science and Social Studies, Brooke Umland and Candace Scott


The Relationship of Mindfulness and Student Homework Completion, David Vinje

The Effectiveness of Online Practice Platforms on High School Algebra Students’ Achievement, Joy Visto

Reader’s Workshop: Improving Academic Achievement in Reading, Jen Wahlin

Technological Intervention Programs to Improve Literacy Level in order to Increase Mathematics Comprehension, Brittany Waschuk


The Effects of the Second Step Curriculum on Challenging Behavior in First Grade, Haley Weber

The Effect of Direct Reading Instruction on Students’ Reading Growth, Lisa A. Wierschke


Teacher Influence on Motivation of Korean EFL University Learners, Marie Willyard

The Effect of Positive Reinforcement on Disruptive Behavior, Andrea Wilmer

Finding Myself, Kendra K. Wilson

Analysis of Michael Wiskow: An Exploration of Self-Awareness, Michael D. Wiskow


The Effect of Students Reading Digital Text Versus Print Text on Comprehension, Aubrie Ziegler


Dual Theory Approach to Working with BPD, Alecsis Zimmer

Theses/Dissertations/Projects from 2018


The Effect of iPad Instruction on Capital Letter Recognition of Preschoolers, Jessica Adkins


Classroom Strategies to Increase Kindergarten Readiness of Preschool ELL Students, Cirissa Afonja


Effectiveness of Literacy Intervention Provided by School-Based SLPs: Roles & Impressions on Literacy Teams, Ashley Alvarado


The Role of an Advanced Practice Provider (APP) and its Relation to Physician Shortages and Rural Healthcare Survival: A State-By-State Analysis, Allen Anderson

Coca-Cola Co., Michael Anderson

Providing an Online Orientation Program for New Students, Nicole Askew

How Much is Too Much? Academic Correlations to Chronic Attendance Issues, Raina Askin

The Effect of Visual Activity Schedules on Task Compliance for Students with Severe Disabilities, Matthew Backlund


Verizon Wireless Communications: A Financial Analysis, MacKenzie Barry


The Effect of Instruction (Rapid Automatic Naming Versus Repeated Read Aloud) on Vocabulary Building for Preschool Children, Alison Bendickson