Volume 1, Issue 1 (2020)

Dear Reader,

On behalf of our managing editor, associate editors, and editorial board members, I welcome you to our website for the Interactive Journal of Global Leadership and Learning (IJGLL). Whether for purposes of academic curiosity, research, or with an intent to submit a manuscript for publication consideration, it is with pleasure that we invite you to peruse our site. We have endeavored to create a site that is easy to navigate, straightforward, and useful for those who are interested in our fundamental purpose.

At the IJGLL, we are interested in reviewing and publishing research that is qualitative, quantitative, or mixed methods. Moreover, we welcome research that subscribes to varied paradigms, epistemologies, ontologies, methodologies, and methods. Whether a positivist, constructivist, or a pragmatist, we welcome your submissions. Whether you believe in a single reality, multiple realities, or renegotiated realities, we are open to your research. Whether you prefer research that focuses on correlations between variables or telling stories through narrative inquiry, we invite you to review our published works and submit your own research.

Our scope involves all educational research, whether at the P-12 or postsecondary level. In keeping with our Doctor of Education degree program at MSU Moorhead and for which the IJGLL serves as a complementary entity, we believe that good leadership principles cut across grade levels and educational institutions of all levels. As a result, we welcome research submissions that focus on any level of education and varied topics that include: P-12 school governance; higher education governance; online education; social justice; equity and access in education; curriculum and instruction; clinical supervision; andragogy; program evaluation; and all types of educational leadership.

At the IJGLL, we want to be a voice for the underserved, a publication venue for beginning and advanced scholars alike, and an educational forum. In keeping with the Doctor of Education degree at MSU Moorhead, we want our site to provide a useful exchange of ideas that are practical and applicable to educational settings. We value both theory and practice.

Again, welcome to the IJGLL. Feel free to ask questions of or direct comments to either Dr. Ximena P. Suarez-Sousa, our managing editor, or to me. We can be reached at suarez@mnstate.edu or bradbury@mnstate.edu, respectively. May our site prove useful for you.


Boyd L. Bradbury, Ph.D.


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Boyd Bradbury, Ph.D.
Ximena Suarez-Sousa, Ph.D.
Managing Editor

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