Volume 2, Issue 3 (2021) Spring 2023

Dear Reader,

On behalf of our Editor-in-Chief, associate editors, review board, and editorial board members, I welcome you to Volume 2 Issue 3 of the Interactive Journal of Global Leadership and Learning (IJGLL). This issue contains three articles and a white paper addressing a variety of interesting topics. Two articles have been written by Scott Sandok, a professor of economics.. The first article "explains subjective coding decisions encountered by a rookie qualitative researcher, providing practical examples and insight into the coding process." Sandok's second article focuses on the Net Promoter Scores system (a tool used in corporate America to explore customer satisfaction trends) and its potential application to measure student satisfaction within the higher education sector. Aaron Suomala-Folkerds and Diane Coursol, a counseling professor, has written a systematic review of publications addressing death-related issues that appeared in premier counseling journals during the past dew decades. According to Suomala-Folkerds and Coursol, "death is unavoidable, and everyone must encounter the grasp of death in their life. Mental health counselors face a unique challenge because they also encounter death in their professional lives when they counsel bereaved clients." Lastly, the white paper has been written by Carl Bryan, a state grant specialist, and it provides an interesting angle to explore the teacher shortage faced by the American public educational system. In Bryan's words, this paper aspires "to place a critical lens on macro-level reform policies to better understand the impact of public policy on teacher attrition."

We trust that you will find interesting the articles included in this issue. We invite you to submit a manuscript for our Volume 3, Issue 1 that will be published in December 2023.


Ximena Suarez-Sousa, Ph.D.
Managing Editor



An Examination of Death in Premier Counseling Journals
Aaron Suomala Folkerds EdD and Diane H. Coursol Ph.D.


Boyd Bradbury, Ph.D.
Ximena Suarez-Sousa, Ph.D.
Managing Editor

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