Theses/Dissertations/Projects from 2018

Strategic Reading: Using Think Alouds to Increase Fluency in High School Students, Patricia Kate Mueller

Effects of Project Based Learning in a Third Grade Classroom, Samantha Neitzke

Mnemonics Versus Rote Rehearsal Learning of Multiplication Fact Fluency with Third Grade Students, Monika Nelson

The Effects of Morphology and Syllabication Instruction on Struggling Middle School Readers, Julie Oakland-Soukup

Using Technology in Literacy to Enhance Comprehension, Amber Olson

Improving Vocabulary of English Language Learners Through Direct Vocabulary Instruction, Brianne Olson

The Effectiveness of Repeated Reading Techniques to Increase Fluency of Beginning Readers, Tori Olson, Laura Jorud, and Megan Martin

The Effects of Using Active Engagement Strategies to Help Improve Student Success on Spelling Tests, Andrew Ortman

Incorporating AVID Readings Strategies into Content Area Classrooms, Jennifer Peterson


How Oral Reading Fluency and Reading Comprehension are Intertwined, Ivy Rath


The Effect of a Weekly Social Presence in Online Classes, Cindy Salfer


Technological Resources versus Non-Technological Resources, Samantha Sapa

Authentic Grammar Curriculum: Can a broadcast news program improve student learning?, Richard Schmit


The Relationship between Parental Involvement and Reading Achievement, Erin M. Schnell

Effect of Paper vs Computer-Based Text on Reading Comprehension, Kelly Simon


Co-Teaching: Is the Co-Teaching Model the Most Effective Strategy for Students?, Michelle Sokoloski

Using Metacognition in the Online Classroom, Claire Stich


The Effect of Feedback Given on Informal Assessments and its Continued Effect on Formal Assessments, Britta Teeples and Britta Teeples

The Effect of Preschool Attendance on Student Success in Kindergarten, Amber Tostenson

A Student's Movement and It's Effect on a Student's Reading Fluency Development, Kevin Tumberg

The Effects of Using Technology and Other Teacher Created Activities to Help Improve Understanding Math Concepts, Katlyn VanHavermaet

Engagement Strategy Results on Student Participation, Ben Vickstrom

Synchronous Online Learning and its Relation to Course Satisfaction, Carrie M. Ward

Self-Selected Reading: An Alternative to Formal Summer Reading Programs for Middle School Students, John Watkin