Empowering Math Skills: Integrating Add+VantageMR (AVMR) as an Intervention for Individuals with Learning Disabilities

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Project Abstract (696 or 796 registration)

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Master of Science in Special Education


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Shirley Johnson


AVMR, learning disabilities, evidence-based practices


Students with a learning disability in the area of math often struggle with understanding early numeracy skills. They may have a hard time memorizing number facts, solving word problems and understanding the connections between numbers. Therefore, there are a variety of evidence-based practices that have been found to be effective when working with students with a specific learning disability. A few of these evidence-based practices are math manipulatives, the I do, we do, you do model and graphic organizers. Add+VantageMR, also known as AVMR, incorporates evidence-based practices into their teaching strategies. AVMR is a widely used intervention with strategies to help students who struggle with mathematics build early numeracy skills. However, how does the implementation of AVMR impact students with learning disabilities? This study examined the implementation of AVMR with 3 elementary age students. The intervention lasted 8 weeks and was shown to be effective with 1 out of 3 students.

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