Date of Award

Fall 12-20-2018

Document Type

Project (696 or 796 registration)

Degree Name

Master of Science in Counseling


Graduate Studies

Committee Chair

Ken Messina


This is a personal reflection piece which serves to summarize my growth and development as a professional in the field of counseling and also as a person. The paper will start with background information which includes topics such as my history, family, relationships, culture, health, hobbies, and personal strengths. Also included are interviews with family and friends where topics of my personality, strengths, weaknesses, family culture, and coping techniques will be discussed. Assessments relating to my personality and theoretical orientation such as the Myers-Briggs, Strong Interest Inventory, and Selective Theory Sorter-Revised will also be featured. Then I continue on with a conceptualization of myself through the perspective of Acceptance and Commitment Therapy. The impact of this analysis and plans for my continued development will also be included next to conclude the paper. Through reflecting on these topics, I hope to gain a greater insight on myself, my journey, and my future both professionally and personally.