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Creation Date

Spring 5-15-2021


This image was created to be used as Cover Art for the Interactive Journal of Global Leadership and Learning, Vol 1, Issue 3.

Artist Bio

Steven Ranweiler is a creator and aspiring educator from central Minnesota. He is soon to graduate from MSUM with a B.F.A in art education as well as a minor in ecology and evolutionary biology. Ranweiler is a proponent of environmental justice and sustainability in and beyond the classroom.

This photo made by Ranweiler in the fall of 2020 features the Red River and the underside of the pedestrian bridge connecting Oak Grove Park in Fargo to Riverfront Park in Moorhead. Three concepts of interest in the image include the symbolic value of bridges as points of connection, the contrast in wild versus man-made forms, and the depth created by the lines of the bridge that lead the eye back into the image.

Copyright Statement

"Bridge" Copyright © 2021 Steven J. Ranweiler