Date of Award

Winter 12-20-2018

Document Type

Project (696 or 796 registration)

Degree Name

Master of Science in Counseling


Graduate Studies

Committee Chair

Dr. Taryn Akgul


internship, faculty, higher education, credit-bearing, co-op, training


Much of the research that surrounds internships and other student experiential learning focuses on the student and the inherent benefits that they reap from such experiences. Much of this research is viewed through a developmental lens, examining how students benefit and in what conditions are conducive to the learning taking place. What is not widely noted is the work that the faculty advisors do to help facilitate that learning, ensuring that the experience is held to a high level of academic integrity. Here, the literature around this topic is explored and the importance of the faculty advisor and the role they play in credit-bearing internships is affirmed. In order to guarantee faculty are equipped to serve in that important role, a training on advising interns is suggested to ensure best practices are met. Based on the literature reviewed, topics, content, and theoretical frameworks are also presented as essential components of this faculty training.