Date of Award

Fall 12-14-2022

Document Type

Project (696 or 796 registration)

Degree Name

Master of Science in Curriculum & Instruction


Graduate Studies

Committee Chair

Dr. Kathy Enger


Daily fluency, Procedural fluency



Algebra 1 students in the ninth grade struggled to follow procedural steps to answer elementary algebraic problems. An early pre-test found that the majority of pupils lacked the necessary fundamental knowledge to comprehend and investigate algebra's abstract concepts, patterns, and relationships. Fifteen students from one of the researcher's algebra one classes participated in a daily fluency skill-building intervention program to investigate whether daily fluency practice will affect students' procedural fluency skills. They engaged in 50 minutes of daily fluency practice for five weeks. During each 50-minute session, students practiced specific skills to develop procedural fluency competencies, such as solid number sense and integer operations, using additive and multiplicative properties to solve elementary linear equations and inequalities. The researcher administered a post-test on the last day of the intervention plan to determine the effect of daily fluency practice on students' procedural problem-solving abilities. The researcher used descriptive statistics to summarize and compare the initial pre-test and post-test mean scores to further assess the efficacy of the daily fluency skill-building practice. The results indicated a statistical improvement in the students' ability to perform mathematical procedures with greater efficiency.



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