Date of Award

Summer 7-29-2022

Document Type

Dissertation (799 registration)

Degree Name

Master of Science in Special Education


Graduate Studies

Committee Chair

Shirley Johnson


Teacher Burnout


Teacher burnout is the cause of the distraction of the teacher's well-being in the workforce. The teacher needs to be addressed since it profoundly affects society as it affects the teacher workforce, the students, and schools in general. The teacher's self-worth and self-efficacy also contribute to teacher burnout; the higher the self-worth feelings in teachers, the lower the rate of teacher burnout while low self-esteem is associated with increased levels of teacher burnout. The teachers' well-being contributes to reduced levels of teacher burnout and promotes teacher retention. Teacher burnout has significant implications, and high attrition levels have been linked with financial losses in thousands of dollars. Job satisfaction develops self-worth and self-efficacy that ensures teachers perform their responsibilities as required, promoting the educational outcomes and empowering students to achieve their best potential in school and lead a good quality of life later. Teacher burnout can be regulated in schools since their turnover is associated with profound effects in the society.



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