Date of Award

Spring 3-18-2022

Document Type

Dissertation (799 registration)

Degree Name

Doctor of Education in Educational Leadership


Graduate Studies

Committee Chair

Andrew Burklund


Reinstatement, Narrative Theory, Academic Suspension, Student Narrative, Written Appeals, Student Success


Retention and persistence are concerns that are not soon going away for institutions of higher education. Students returning from suspension will continue to be a focus for institutions as they aim to graduate all admitted students. Yet, institutions still want more precise mechanisms that help them identify students who will be academically successful upon return from suspension and know what kind of support those students will need to be successful. Decades of research were unable to find objective criteria that administrators can depend on for making reinstatement decisions. Thus, suggesting further research is necessary to review subjective criteria in this process, namely through practices highlighted by narrative theory. A growing arm of research connecting the importance of this theory to academic advising practice provides a foundation for understanding how narrative theory can impact such an important process as reinstatement from suspension. The research aims to discover how student narrative is perceived as having an impact on reinstatement from suspension decisions. Further, this research seeks to understand whether reviewing student narrative, written and oral, through a narrative theory lens, can provide insight into future student success. A qualitative approach will provide an opportunity to engage those intimately involved in this process to understand their perceptions and interpretations of the importance of student narrative.



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