Date of Award

Summer 7-31-2022

Document Type

Thesis (699 registration)

Degree Name

Master of Science in Curriculum & Instruction


Graduate Studies

Committee Chair

Tiffany Bockelmann


phonemic awareness, oral reading fluency


Teaching students to read is a task that teachers are assigned to every school year. Many theories and theorists have given their take on the best way to teach students to read. Phonemic awareness has been in the forefront of reading instruction and currently is becoming a staple in many classrooms. This research study took a look at the correlation between phonemic awareness growth and oral reading fluency growth in a first-grade classroom working with mid-level students in a small group setting. The researcher used Path to Reading Excellence in School Sites (PRESS) phonemic intervention and curriculum-based measurement (CBM) for oral reading fluency. The PRESS progress monitoring and the CBM gave the researcher qualitative information about student growth in phonemic awareness and their oral reading fluency growth. The researcher’s data showed that with four weeks of small group intervention, the students' average growth of words per minute in oral reading fluency grew nineteen words per minute. The researcher was delighted in seeing that the growth from phonemic awareness helped students with their oral reading fluency.



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