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Date of Award

Winter 12-12-2021

Document Type

Project Abstract (696 or 796 registration)

Degree Name

Master of Science in Special Education


Graduate Studies

Committee Chair

Shirley Johnson


High-Leverage Practices, social/emotional/behavioral


The Council for Exceptional Children’s methods of High Leverage Practices (HLPs) in special education have only been around since 2016. One HLP category, social/emotional/behavioral practices, is essential because teachers must be responsive to the needs of students with disabilities and the category provides teachers with a framework for: a productive learning environment; giving constructive feedback to guide students’ learning and behavior; teaching appropriate social behaviors. HLP 7 emphasizes that teachers need to establish and teach expectations, routines and procedures within the classroom. In HLP 8, the focus is for feedback to guide student learning and behavior which can increase students’ engagement, motivation, independence, learning and behavior; the feedback must be strategic and goal-directed. Teaching social skills is the focus of HLP 9. Teachers should identify social skill challenges with their students so they can deliver explicit social skill instruction; emphasis can eventually shift to prompting students to ensure appropriate behavior and desired outcomes. Because HLPs are relatively new in the field of special education, current and future special educators need a deeper understanding of these effective interventions to further the validity of HLPs. A qualitative approach was used to look at research from experts in the field of special education as it relates to the social/emotional/behavioral category. Findings show that when aspects of social/emotional/behavioral practices are applied, they strengthening student learning across different ability levels, disabilities, areas of content and grade levels. Further research and practice with HLPs is needed. While there is an abundance of research on social, emotional and behavioral practices separately, more explicit investigation identified as High Leverage Practice research is needed. Further research will help teachers connect research with best practice teaching in the field of special education.

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