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Spring 4-5-2021

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Dissertation (799 registration)

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Doctor of Education in Educational Leadership


Graduate Studies

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Dr. Boyd Bradbury


Student Achievement, Standards, Standardized Testing, Education


There has been a steady focus in education on standards, assessment, and accountability. The purpose of this quantitative study was to find if research based PLCs focusing on standard specific student achievement data impacted teacher knowledge of standards, incorporation of standards, and student achievement. The research was guided by two research questions. Within the context of PLCs (data-based teams) utilizing standard specific student achievement data: 1) What impact, if any, was the use of PLCs on the teachers’ knowledge and incorporation of standards into the classroom setting? 2) Did student achievement on standardized tests improve as the result of the level of teacher knowledge and incorporation of standards into the classroom?

The quantitative study was conducted over five years in a rural Minnesota school district. An anonymous survey was used to gather teacher opinion and student achievement data from the district. The study included thirty-three teachers who ranged from Pre-K to twelfth grade. Positivism was the theoretical framework for the study to find concrete information. The quantitative study found PLCs, with standard specific student achievement data, increased teacher knowledge of standards and incorporation of standards. The increased teacher knowledge of academic standards and incorporation of standards had a correlation to higher student achievement scores.

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