Plan B-Analysis of Self: Journey of My Life

Date of Award

Fall 12-17-2020

Document Type

Project (696 or 796 registration)

Degree Name

Master of Science in Counseling


Graduate Studies

Committee Chair

Jessica Brown


Adlerian, Childhood, Person-Centered, Cognitive Behavioral



This self-analysis provides a personal look at the early childhood experiences that shaped my life using a Cognitive Behavioral, Adlerian and Person-Centered lens. I placed a huge emphasis on my childhood and adolescence experiences as a parentified child. My childhood memories and birth order influenced the roles I took on early in life and on into adulthood. Revisiting childhood memories made me aware of how impactful those moments were and how they shaped me as an adult. In this self-analysis I conducted interviews with my parents, husband, and best friend to give me a perspective other than my own. I also used assessments to gain a greater understanding of my strengths and areas that I need further development in. The interviews were a critical piece in allowing me to see myself through the lens of others and made me more aware of how the person that I am could affect my role in a counseling relationship.

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