Exploring Effective Classroom Management Techniques in a 1:1 Classroom Setting

Date of Award

Winter 12-19-2019

Document Type

Project (696 or 796 registration)

Degree Name

Master of Science in Curriculum & Instruction


Graduate Studies

Committee Chair

Donna Brown


classroom management, attention-getters, students’ perspectives, 1:1 learning environment, action research


The purpose of this action research was to explore effective management techniques in a 1:1 classroom by seeking solutions to the problem of students being distracted on their devices during class. I conducted this action research in my classroom, with 33 participants in the 5th grade at Sunnyside Middle School (pseudonym) in Moorhead, Minnesota for approximately five weeks. After implementing two different attention-getters, I collected and triangulated the data including: surveys, observations, assignments, and a reflective journal. The major findings indicate that attention-getters in the form of calls to attention were an effective way to improve students on task behavior and subsequent assignment completion. I recommend further research conducted on classroom management in 1:1 laptop environments.

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