Date of Award

Spring 5-11-2018

Document Type

Thesis (699 registration)

Degree Name

Master of Science in Speech-Language Pathology


Graduate Studies

Committee Chair

Nancy Paul


Broca's Aphasia, Apraxia of Speech, stroke, treatment, speech and language


The purpose of this case study was to explore the intervention techniques and psychosocial factors present throughout a person with aphasia’s treatment which promoted consistent improvement while attending speech-language therapy across eleven years. The participants in the case study included: a 60-year-old male post onset of a left hemisphere cardiovascular accident (CVA) resulting in moderate-severe Broca’s Aphasia and verbal Apraxia of Speech (AOS); his spouse; and his primary speech-language pathologist. A comprehensive review of speech-language pathology files and in-depth interviews with each participant were completed and analyzed to gather quantitative and qualitative data to determine factors which contributed to the participant with aphasia’s consistent improvement. Analysis of the data was completed using a narrative format. The results revealed documented improvements in formal and informal assessments across time and common psychosocial themes across three interviews.