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Post-war college enrollment
Educational qualifications of the faculty

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Moorhead State Teachers College




The information presented in this issue of The Bulletin pertains to post-war college enrollment in teachers colleges in general and in the Moorhead State Teachers College in particular and to the educational preparation of the faculty of the Moorhead State Teachers College.

The study on post-war enrollment provides the basis for planning the future organization and administration of the College program. Only by anticipating future needs and providing for their implementation can the College be ready to meet the many demands of the years immediately following the war. The data on post-war enrollment indicate that the College will be taxed as never before in meeting the needs for adequate housing, equipment, and personnel.

The quality and the type of education that make up their professional preparation bear evidence that the members of the faculty are well qualified to offer expert instruction in general and professional education. It is significant that the faculty have kept in close touch with developments in academic and professional fields by recent advanced study and research. The sound and comprehensive professional background of the instructional staff is testimony to the effective work the College is now doing and will be able to do in the future.

The Bulletin, series 40, number 3, November (1944)