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There are many machine learning algorithms that tries to solve the question answering using the natural language. In old day, the bag of words was popular amongst others which tries to answer the question that are pre-defined by the developers. Using this method, developers have to spend a lot of time writing the questions and answer for the particular questions. This method was very useful for the chat bots but was not able to answer the questions for the huge database. Modern Natural Language Processor are dominated by the models called transformers. Using these transformers library, the Bert QA model was introduced by HuggingFace which reads through the text context provided by the user and tries to answer the questions related to that text context. This model has been promising in answering the complex question from a large document. For example, if one company have a report regarding their financial years that been fed through the model, user can just ask question regarding the certain year or the profits they made for particular year. And without scrolling through the documents the answer can be found with the matter of seconds.


Jan 1st, 12:00 AM

Question Answering by Bert




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