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MSUM's Andrew B. Conteh Student Academic Conference (SAC) provides student researchers with an opportunity to present their work to faculty, administration, peers and the community in a formal academic setting. Since its inception, the SAC has grown exponentially and continues to be one of the most anticipated events of the spring semester.

The Conference was conceived in 1998 through the collaborative efforts of Political Science professor Andrew Conteh and his then student-assistant Ryan Sylvester, who envisioned a forum for students to present original research that would reflect the intellectual vibrancy of the MSUM community. As the format of the proposed Conference took shape, Dr. Conteh and Ryan jointly advocated its relevance to the University's top administrators who expressed both excitement and support for the concept. The enthusiastic participation of both faculty and administration has been a hallmark of the Conference since its inception and remains perhaps its most obvious source of continued success.

Student Academic Conference History by Paul Kramer and Brian M. Card