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The role of the laboratory school in the education of teachers at Moorhead State Teachers College by G. D. Robbins, Director

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Moorhead State Teachers College




The purpose of this issue of The Bulletin is to present in picture and descriptive text the role the Laboratory School fulfills in the education of teachers at Moorhead State Teachers College.

The importance of the student teaching experience for prospective teachers cannot be overemphasized. It constitutes the culminating activity of the total program of teacher education requiring an integration of the student's general, specialized, and professional education into a functional pattern of behavior in the teaching-learning situation. As an exploratory and developmental discipline, it reveals in sharp focus the readiness of the teacher to take his place in the profession.

In our considered judgment a Laboratory School which is expressly established, organized, and administered to provide both a strong educational program for its pupils and an opportunity for students planning to become teachers to engage in professional experiences in the total teaching-learning situation under the guidance of highly qualified supervisors serves a unique and indispensable function in teacher education.

The Bulletin, series 47, number 2, August (1951)