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The State Teachers Colleges in Minnesota's Program of Higher Education by O. W. Snarr
Preparing Students for Teaching Careers by Paul Heaton

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Moorhead State Teachers College




This issue of The Bulletin contains a reprint of Chapter 11 and one section of Chapter 12 of Higher Education in Minnesota. As only a limited number of copies of the book are available through the first printing, the material of these two chapters is duplicated in the belief that people engaged in teacher education will be interested in its content on a much wider scale than the book will provide. The first of these two chapters relates to the history and development of the state teachers colleges in Minnesota, the place of these institutions in the system of higher education, and the problems of faculty personnel and physical plant and equipment. The second deals with the students preparing for the teaching profession- the comparative enrollments in the colleges, requirements of the various teacher-training curriculums, and the characteristics of the students in attendance. The content should be of first interest to citizens of Minnesota. It should interest the committee now engaged in the study of vocational and higher education. It should interest in like manner the Education Committee of the Efficiency in Government Commission. It is hoped, however, that interest in the content of The Bulletin will extend beyond the boundaries of the State. O. W. S.

The Bulletin, series 46, number 2, August (1950)



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