Straw Hat Players

Straw Hat Players

The MSC Summer Theatre was launched in 1963 by Delmar J. Hansen with three one-act avant-garde plays produced in Fergus Falls, Minnesota. The junior college facilities made the production of plays barely possible. But the enthusiasm of his college students, working through extreme difficulties, convinced Dr. Hansen that summer theatre was possible in Moorhead.

In 1965 eight plays were produced in Weld Hall auditorium, and the Fargo-Moorhead community became enthralled and committed to live theatre and the theatre company now named The Straw Hat Players.

Since that time, The Straw Hat Players has become a regionally acclaimed summer theatre company committed to providing theatre students with opportunities to perform in conditions similar to those experienced by professional actors, and to foster the growth and accessibility of live theatre as a necessary and enlightening element of the region's cultural life.


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