Oral Interview of Stephen Adolph Lockwood

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Stephen Adolph Lockwood


Rick Dietz



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Stephen Adolph Lockwood relates stories told by his grandfather about his participation in the Civil War. He also discusses his occupations through the years and his perspectives on historical events like the First World War, Prohibition and bootlegging, and the Great Depression.


Stephen Adolph Lockwood was born July 16, 1896, at Fort Branch, Indiana. He went to school there, continuing through his second year of high school. He worked in a coal mine in Indiana for two years, then moved to Hastings, Minnesota. There he worked first at the Hastings State Hospital, and then at the Shane Brothers &Wilson flour mills. After several years in Hastings, he returned to Indiana to start farming. Two years later, he settled on a farm near Spooner, Wisconsin. Mr. Lockwood was married and had two children.

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Walter Lockwood, Emma Lockwood, James Crilley, Abraham Lincoln, Robert Edward Lee, William Tecumseh Sherman, Philip Henry Sheridan, Ulysses S. Grant, George Armstrong Custer, Woodrow Wilson, David Glasgow Farragut, John Joseph Pershing, Pancho Villa, Al Capone, Joseph Patrick Kennedy Sr., Andrew John Volstead, Carry Amelia Nation, John Dillinger, Bonnie Elizabeth Parker, Clyde Champion Barrow, Franklin Delano Roosevelt


Coal miners, Nurses, Flour mills—Employees, Farmers, Grocery trade


Chicago & Eastern Illinois Railroad Company, United States Military Academy, Shane Brothers & Wilson Company, United States. Navy, United States. Works Progress Administration


Minnesota—Annandale, Indiana—Fort Branch, Africa, South Carolina, Virginia, Georgia—Savannah, Virginia—Richmond, Kentucky, Ohio River, Minnesota, Minnesota—Hastings, Minnesota—Minneapolis, Indiana, Wisconsin—Spooner, Louisiana—New Orleans, Mississippi River, Mississippi—Vicksburg, Mexico, South Dakota, South Dakota—Aberdeen, England, Scotland, Minnesota—Saint Cloud, North Dakota, Iowa, Wisconsin, Minnesota—Duluth, Wisconsin—Superior, Illinois—Chicago, Minnesota—Buffalo


American Civil War (United States: 1861-1865), Slavery, Coal mines and mining, Agriculture, World War (1914-1918), Prohibition, Alcohol trafficking, Great Depression

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S2630 2634

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Oral Interview of Stephen Adolph Lockwood