Histories of MSUM



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Part I Red Man's Vision
Part II The Pioneer's Dream
Part III A Statesman's Ideals
Part IV Yesterday and To-day
Scene 1 Co-eds of the Early Days
Scene 2 The First Training School
Scene 3 Athletics and Physical Education
Scene 4 The Fine Arts (a) Music (b) Drama (c) Art
Scene 5 The College Organizations
Scene 6 An Evening in the College Home
Scene 7 The Call to Arms, 1917
Scene 8 Normal School Becomes State Teachers College, 1921
Scene 9 Granting of First College Degree, 1926
Scene 10 The Passing of "Old Main", 1930
Scene 11 The "New College" (a) Birth of the Dragon Banner (b) Dedication of Alumni Gates, 1933
Scene 12 Our Leaders
Part V Through the Portals
In the presentation of these scenes the facts of history have been followed in the main, but an effort has been made to portray the aims and the spirit of the men and women of this period rather than to give exact impersonations.

Written by Lucia Askegaard, Nellie A. Price, Ethel Tainter

Publication Date



Moorhead State Teachers College



Program for Through the Portals: Moorhead State Teachers College, 1887-1937 (1937)



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