Matthew Burrill, Spring 2020 BFA #2 Exhibition


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Spring 2020


Matthew M Burrill: Artist Statement

Musical Abstractions: An Interpretation of Sound is a series developed around my emotional response to sounds and music. I spend time with the music. I listen to it on repeat. I allow it to envelop me, to capture me. Then I begin to set up for the session. I feel the heartbeat of the sound as I contemplate my approach to the individual painting. Considering composition, colors, gestures, I rely on anything I can to mentally prepare. The music acts as my guide. It’s meditation for me. The ritual of it all provides a deep level of depth. I channel my soul into this work. Without this approach, I find I cannot perform. Once the hour is complete, I am ready to begin painting.

I hit play.

I let out my breath, and the music begins.

Here is the result of my emotional journey.

Images of Matthew Burrill's art.

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