Emma Wiitamaki, Spring 2020 BFA #2 Exhibition


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Spring 2020


Emma Wiitamaki: Artist Statement

As an abstract artist, I make “odd” forms that depart from reality. I focus on color, texture, and shape. The contrast of rigid and soft materials create a tension that highlights the unity and variety of my forms. Bright colors accentuate my form’s presence in a space. I reference nature and the human body, as I seek to create objects that are peculiar. Unto themselves, these objects ask more questions than provide answers.

In my making process, I utilize fiber and papier-mâché. The process allows me to free-associate and to trust my intuition in my creative solutions. My use of materials is a purposeful process that consists of spending time with a piece. As I move forward in my sculpture career, I hope to make a larger body of work that in total will create a strange terrain.

Images of Emma Wiitamaki's art.

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