Cole Hovind Certificate Exhibition


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Spring 2020


Cole Hovind: Artist Statement

Animals evolved over the years to have talons, scales, barbs, and more. These adaptations are there to detour predators, and aid in survival. However we as humans are the only species that is constantly creating new ways to kill ourselves. We are also the only species that strives to be remembered we wish to leave a “mark” so to speak on this world whether it be one of joy or sadness. I use these surfaces inspired by nature to play with this idea on two levels.

By placing my talons, nubs and spikes upon my work I force the user to avoid injury through conscious handling, but also offer a vessel to hold sustenance to continue their existence. I attach these obstacles to remind us that despite our advancements we have become fragile, nit-picky creatures. Our greatest strength is our creativity, we as a species has accomplished much of what we have today through creation, and invention. However, we tend to forget about where we came from, as well as the complexity that goes into the mass production of these objects that are meant to hold the food and water that we live off of. There is a man behind the invention of the machines that produce those objects, and another behind their design.

I believe I'm subconsciously driven by the fear of not being remembered for the work I create. I work in a medium that is proven to withstand the test of time for decades and eons. I do so in hopes that once I'm gone, and my ashes scattered, those who have acquired my work will have passed it down through their own volition. The inheritor will grab my work and perchance be pricked, or made uncomfortable. Through the use of these elements of play, and caution they will be made to think of its origins, how best to handle it moving forward Even if I and those who knew me are long since gone.

Cole Hovind's art

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