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Publication Date

Spring 1969


Moorhead State College




Creative Writing


April l4, 1969

Since Larry Peterson has resigned as editor of Convivio, further action concerning the printing of the magazine rests with the editorial board. The English Department has decided that two sketches, Larry's "An American Scene" and Tom McConn's "Cold Crucifix,"* must be censored; this, of course, strips us of our prerogative as editors. But since we feel it is one of the best issues of the magazine ever produced on this campus, we wish to print the remainder of the work with this note attached.

As a state college, subject to the pressures of the legislature and the community, we understand that public opinion must be considered somewhat; unfortunately, this can result in the public having a genuinely onerous influence if it decides to exert that pressure. This year the controversy that ultimately stopped publication began with the whim of a single printer. We are asked to create cautiously, with one eye out for public disapproval, and a literary magazine such as Convivio cannot exist under such conditions; therefore, it is an impractical idea.

From our position, this expurgated issue will be the last Convivio. We want nothing further to do with the magazine.

Michael Moos
Richard Callender, Convivio Editorial Board

Convivio, volume 7, number 1, Spring (1969)



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