Theses/Dissertations/Projects from 2021

The Use of Leveled Literacy Intervention to Increase Letter Sound Fluency in a First Grade Student, Theodora Ajani

Decreasing Disruptive Classroom Behavior Using the Good Behavior Game in a Second-Grade Classroom, Sarah Hawn

Virtual Adaptation of Explicit Timing to Increase Multiplication Fluency, Kali Wood

Theses/Dissertations/Projects from 2020

Token Economy as an Intervention for a First Grade Student Struggling With Aggression and Following Directions, Kaylee Abfalter


Short-Term Direct Reading Instruction for 2nd Grade Students Using Horizons Fast Track A-B, Emily Dempster


Perceived Adult Social Support During Adolescence and Well-Being Among LGBTQ-Identified Young Adults, Adrienne MacDonald

A Systematic Review of Graduate Student Wellness, Courtney Mallinger


School Attendance Affects Student Outcomes: Resources to Impact Attendance, Nicole Ann Page

Use of a Visual Schedule to Decrease Work Completion Time During COVID-19 Distance Learning, Ellen Stevenson

Self-Control Training Using an iPad with a Third Grade Student, Alyssa Yorek

Theses/Dissertations/Projects from 2019


Anxiety and Behavior: Brief Cognitive Behavioral Therapy in School With a Ten-Year-Old Boy Using the Coping Cat Program, Sarah Bernhardt

Incremental Rehearsal for Spelling: A Spelling Retention Intervention With a Fourth Grade Student, Dylan James Curto

Increasing Basic Math Fact Fluency Using Flashcard Drills with a Second Grade Student, Peyton Gale

Use of the Social Explorers Curriculum with Four Kindergarten Students Who Have Social Skills Deficits, Adam Kessler

Improving Number Word Sequencing in Kindergarten, Katie Marie Langer

Math to Mastery: Promoting Math Fact Fluency in a Child with ADHD, Sarah Mattison

Using the Zones of Regulation with A Kindergartener and Fourth Grader, Ariel Ostrander

Using Direct Behavior Ratings with At-Risk Middle School Students to Improve Respectful Behavior, Jaclyn Salisbury

Check-In/Check-Out: Improving Behavior of a Second Grade Student, Susan Sickler

Improving Oral Reading Fluency Using Reading Interventions and Self-Graphing with Three Fifth-Graders, Claire Elizabeth Studt

Theses/Dissertations/Projects from 2018

Increasing Consonant Blend Word Reading Fluency in Third Grade Students: A PRESS Phonics Intervention, Emily Dilliard


Gaze Patterns of Social and Nonsocial Stimuli: A Possible Early Marker for Autism Spectrum Disorder, Ashley Rose Doll

Using Performance Feedback and Self-Graphing to Improve Writing Fluency, Grant Robert Fodness

The Effectiveness of the Homework, Organization, and Planning Skills (HOPS) Intervention for a Middle School Student Diagnosed with ADHD, Ryan Hoiland

Implementation of a Music-Based Intervention to Decrease Problem Behaviors in Two Kindergarten Students, Jade Kampfe


Grade Retention: Knowledge and Attitudes of Teacher Educators and Preservice Teachers, Jenny Pearson