Date of Award

Fall 12-2021

Document Type

Project (696 or 796 registration)

Degree Name

Master of Science in Special Education


Graduate Studies

Committee Chair

Marci Glessner


Routines-Based intervention, Early Intervention, Home Visit, Coaching Families.


Early Intervention refers to the services and support in which young children with, or at risk for, developmental delays have access; this includes home visits and collaboration between families and service providers. In order to create a positive working relationship, home visitors and service providers must ensure families feel supported. Not only are they welcoming visitors into their home and personal space, they are continually collaborating with providers to build their toolbox of skills to support their young child. Therefore, it is essential for service providers to honor each family’s beliefs and culture (Harry, 2002).

The purpose of routines-based early intervention, one part of this collaboration between families and professionals, is to enhance children's participation in family routines, based on the needs and desires of the family unit (Jennings et al., 2012). This caregiver learning happens through a strategic coaching model. The purpose of this project was to look deeper into Early Intervention caregiver relationship(s), coaching, and routines-based home strategies and interventions. The project consisted of a review of the literature of coaching models and Early Intervention as well as the development of five parent-friendly handouts that correlate to common routine-based home strategies used with Early Intervention caregivers.



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